Gender equality and women’s empowerment are matters of fundamental human rights and social justice, as well as prerequisite for sustainable development and achieving IUCN’s mission.


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Advancing gender equality, including through women’s empowerment and valuing the unique knowledge, roles and capacities of all people, is key to effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable environmental solutions.

IUCN champions a gender-responsive approach across its programme portfolio, identifying and overcoming gender gaps across sectors and at all levels, to enable better natural resource governance and conservation outcomes. 

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  • Red de Mujeres en Conservación Red de Mujeres en Conservación Photo: Red de Mujeres en Conservación

    Género y conservación de la naturaleza en Latinoamérica y el Caribe


    UICN, a través de varias de sus Comisiones de expertos, Miembros y Secretariado, apoya a mujeres en roles de liderazgo para la conservación y la defensa de derechos en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Por ello, se ha unido a la Red de Mujeres en Conservación, que a...

  • Women fishing in Mozambique Photo: IUCN ESARO

    Women in Mozambique engage in Climate Change action


    The Coastal Resilience to Climate Change (CRCC) project, funded by the Swedish Embassy in Maputo is empowering coastal communities to respond to climate change in an inclusive, resilient and more sustainable way. So far women participation stands at 58...

  • A woman signals for equality Photo: IUCN NL

    Strategies for integrating gender in sustainable ecosystem management


    Gender equality and women’s empowerment are matters of fundamental human rights and prerequisites to meeting sustainable development goals around the world. 

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Woman carrying Water container Photo: IUCN

Gender and Climate Change

Among the world’s most pressing and complex challenges, climate change is not gender neutral. Over the last decade, tremendous progress has been made by the global community in recognising the differentiated causes and impacts of climate change and considering proactive, effective,...

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Aimed at policy-makers and journalists, IUCN Issues Briefs provide key information on selected issues in a two-pager format.

Thumbnail_CC and Gender issues brief Photo: IUCN

Gender and climate change

Across societies the impacts of climate change affect women and men differently. Women are often responsible for gathering and producing food, collecting water and sourcing fuel for heating and...
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