Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Water, Basins and Coastlines

Chiapas, México.

The sustainable management of freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems, facing climate change and development priorities is a regional challenge. We seek to promote knowledge, improve practices and promote the governance of freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, taking into consideration the needs of the population and their livelihoods, as well as the risk management associated with climate change.

Considering water management and coastal-marine resources as a focal point, a balance is sought between conservation and the sustainable use of ecosystems, as well as creating the social, political, institutional and environmental conditions that guarantee fair and equitable access to resources and ensure compliance with socio-economic development goals. We also work on recording success stories and lessons learned, facilitating information and data on climate change and meteorology, and supporting regional collaboration and experience exchange processes.

Likewise, the ever growing pressures associated with climate variability and hydrometeorological events have pushed the Union to promote adaptation actions based on ecosystems (EbA) to identify and rectify the factors of greater ecological and social vulnerability in intervention territories, thus strengthening the governance of natural resources and resilience in light of climate change. 

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