Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Active Projects

Among the active projects in the Region, there are national, bi-national and regional (multi-country) projects, as well as global projects that are implemented in many countries around the world, including out countries. These vary very much in size, duration and location, some of which have a local approach with many activities in the field and work closely with communities and local actors; and others are more national or regional where the efforts are focused on the preparation and implementation of public policy, promoting participation in multiple sectors or strengthening organizational, productive or political incidence capacities. Through projects that are already active, IUCN seeks to integrate vertical actions, from an international level to a local level, and vice versa, looking to inform the international arena with facts and results that were obtained locally, as well as making the international or regional environmental commitments by the countries a reality at a local or landscape scale. Together, the projects carried out by IUCN-ORMACC bring together ministries, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, producers, indigenous people and local leaders to propel conservation efforts in natural areas, empower civil society and baseline groups, generate data and technical knowledge for conservation and the rational use of the ecosystems,  development measures and sustainable production, fight climate change and strengthen legal frameworks and policies for environmental protection and social equality. 

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